Who the Heck am I Talking About?

Something about my Blog has been bothering me, at first I used real names of my beautiful girls. However now, I am going to change them. I spent a fair amount of time considering their new names. I wanted something that suited them and their personalities, a little bit.

In the end I decided to choose famous women from history that I believe my children emulate a little bit, in their loves or personality.

My Eldest Girl, (18) – I will now call her Jane, this name is taken from Jane Addams, she co-founded Hull House in 1889.

“The harsh criticism received by Addams, both for her outspoken pacifism during World War I and her defense of immigrants’ civil rights during a period when anarchism and socialism were greatly feared in the United States, never stopped her from putting forth a great amount of effort and energy into Hull House.”

My eldest, the unofficial social worker.

My Middle Girl, (8) – Laura, for Laura Smith Haviland, creator of the first Underground Railway with her Husband.

“Haviland and her husband founded a “manual labor school…designed for indigent children,” which was later known as the Raisin Institute. Haviland instructed the girls in household choirs, while her husband and one of her brothers, Harvey Smith, taught the boys to perform farm work.[1] At the Havilands’ insistence, the school was open to all children, “regardless of race, creed, or sex.” It was the first racially integrated school in Michigan

This reminds me of my second girl for her loyalty to Justice and Equality.

Ah here is my youngest girl, (6) I have chosen Freya for her, from Freya Stark, best described as an adventurer.

“By 1931 she had completed three dangerous treks into the wilderness of western Iran, in parts of which no Westerner had ever been before; and had located the long-fabled Valleys of the Assassins (hashish-eaters).[6] During the 1930’s she penetrated the hinterland of southern Arabia, where only a handful of Western explorers had previously ventured and then never as far or as widely as she went.”

Because she is definitely our little path blazer. She will be followed.

These quotes are from Wikipedia, I will not vouch that these are 100% accurate I merely wanted a little blurb that could help describe some of the qualities I love in my children, and why I chose those names.

Last but never least. Mr D, my CMP(common law partner), my unofficial husband of 6 years. Mr. D will work because its out little inside joke, which will remain our inside joke.


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