The Grrl in the Moon

I have been going over and over this in my mind. What do I want to say.

I am multifaceted, ever changing and evolving. I am a daughter, a sister, a mother, a stepmother, a partner, a friend. Currently I am unemployed by choice, and this is both wonderful and scary, as I assess my idea of what I think I should be and what I am.

I am challenging my own views, as well as others. I am trying to become a better feminist, a better mother, a better partner and a better friend. I want to do this guilt free, not because I have to be better, but because I am better, my self confidence is on the list of improvements.

Feminism used to be a dirty word to me. Now nearing 30, I am beginning to understand my privilege of being and educated, white, straight female, which is seen as normal in weight range. I am beginning to see how by ignoring my privilege, I have not set the right example to my children. By understanding my privilege I’m beginning to understand just how detrimental that way of thinking is to society.

My words should hold no more weight, then anyone else who would say them, no matter their race, their gender, their sexual orientation, etc.

I am not perfect, not without faults, I am still growing, learning and evolving.

Life is full of contradicting messages, and I am trying to clear out that noise, finding what is right for me, and my family.

Contact Me: thegrrlinthemoon@gmail.com


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