Posted by: The Grrl In the Moon | May 27, 2010

What Happened to the Goat

My Grandmother was a brilliant woman. She wrote plays, short stories, and poems, many were published. She for many years would help my Grandfather with his Newspaper. My Grandfather was brilliant as well, he had an eye for detail, and sometimes he would publish articles just to get people going.

I remember my uncle sending me an article my mother wrote for one of his papers, when she was in University. To sum the article up, it was about “LSD really isn’t that bad for you.” This article caused quite an uproar in the small Ontario town they were in. He did it on purpose, he liked to get people talking, discussing the news. My Grandfather as most brilliant people, was not easy to please, and even though his wife wrote articles for him, he held her to the same standard he held other writers of his. Maybe because she was his wife, and he knew how brilliant she was he held her to an even higher standard.

Which brings me to the point of this entry, I was searching my old letters from my Grandmother, looking for one particular story, unfortunately I could not find it, so I have to tell you this by memory.

My Grandfather was always nitpicking articles, as an editor he would read all the articles, thoroughly. My Grandmother at the time was annoyed with her articles getting picked apart and having to re-write a lot of them to meet his standards. So one day, in their small town there was an accident on the main street, a local farmer’s cart had been over-turned. My Grandmother, feeling smug decided she would write a news article with so many details, that my Grandfather would not be able to say anything about it.

So she did, she wrote about the farmer, the cart, the witnesses, the time of day, the size of the cart. How the cart had been picked up. The article was long and was a play by play of the accident. Feeling pleased with herself, she took it to my Grandfather, and he read it, looked up at her and said, “What happened to the goat?”

My Grandmother in all her details had forgotten to mention the wayward goat that had been the cause of the accident, and with all her great details, there was no mention of what had happened to the goat after the accident, only that it had been the cause.

So I want to start a section of “What happened to the Goat?” When you read a highly detailed article that makes you say to yourself, “But what about this?”


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