Posted by: The Grrl In the Moon | May 27, 2010

What Happened to the Goat – Entry 1

9/11 link to rise in male foetal death rate, study says

In order to analyse male foetal death rates, the researchers gathered data for the years 1996-2002.

When they analysed the data, they found that the average number of reported male foetal deaths per month in the US for that period was 995. Female foetal deaths numbered 871 on average per month.
In September 2001, however, their research showed an additional 120 male foetal losses, equivalent to a 12% increase.

Ok, so this one was a little too easy. Ok, so a rise in male Foetal death rate, where is the statistics on the female babies? Did they rise too? Was it just males?
See I think that is important, if this article is to give us a true look into stress and Foetal death rates.

So BBC News, what happened to the goat?


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