Posted by: The Grrl In the Moon | May 19, 2010

Shades of Grey

There was this commercial made for TLC. It was one of the tattoo artists from Miami Ink. The gist of the commercial was that he said that life was black and white for him and he believed that there were no shades of grey. This bothered me immensely, as my life and what I knew of the world. It was not that way, life was not that simple.

As in the words of a Billy Joel song, “Shades of grey, wherever I go, the more I find out, the less that I know.”

Then there is, “I am not young enough to know everything.” By Oscar Wilde.

Both quotes ring true for me, when I was young, life was black and white, what you did was either right or wrong. As an adult with children I see this too, there is good guys, and bad guys, good things and bad things. There doesn’t seem to be an in-between.

As an adult all I see is grey, I can understand that you love someone fiercely but also hate them. Stealing is wrong, but what if you steal to provide for your family. I live my life by my own set values and morals, but sometimes the line gets blurred. So for this man to say that his life was black and white. I felt sad for him, by being open to the shades, I think you are more open to life. You don’t have to agree with how people live their lives. You don’t have to like their choices. But you should try and understand their choices, and remember, judgement is not a one way mirror. And if you knew their true situation, how do you know that you would have acted differently.

Remember none of us are perfect, we are all using different coping tools and life skills. Very few people end up where they thought they would. Remember when you see people’s lives that you don’t agree with, maybe they didn’t choose to be there. Maybe had you been in their situation that would have been you. And maybe it doesn’t matter, if they don’t believe in god, or marriage, or have the same family morals then you. And I don’t believe by accepting people the world will come to an end.


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