Posted by: The Grrl In the Moon | May 13, 2010


The things we take for granted the simple act of eating. Society now is being shamed for eating, young girls and boys feeling guilt because they ate at a fast food restaurant, or had a chocolate bar. Girls and boys as young as 10, maybe younger at a birthday party saying, “oh, no I’ll only have a small piece of cake,” or turn it down all together.*

I don’t believe in feeding my children high amounts of refined sugar, I don’t believe in going to fast food places on a regular basis, but that is my choice, not because I am watching their weight, I’m watching their health. We have heart disease, diabetes, and cancer running rampant in our family, I want them to learn to eat healthy, but I don’t deny them sweets, and junk, I merely limit it. They are treats, articles tell me not reward good behaviour with food rewards, that it’ll teach them that food is how to reward yourself. Well, why is that so bad? Why is taking my child out for ice cream because she received a great report card… bad? Eating and celebrating has been going on for as long as there as been food.

Food = Life

Last time I checked, anything that celebrating life was a good thing.
My parents have both had their brush with death, my mother with breast cancer, my father with intestinal cancer. Through medicine, amazing doctors, and amazing support, I still have both my parents.

That is reason to celebrate!

How do we celebrate? Once a week, usually a Saturday, we go over to my parents and have dinner with them. Myself, My D, and our three girls, and we eat, and we laugh, and we find out about each others week, we usually have to loosen our belts after our feast, I love Saturdays, and I will always remember them because I know, this will not last forever. Should I feel guilt over this gluttony?

According to Fat Propaganda, I should not only feel guilt and shame over this gluttony, I should also make my children feel guilt and shame over this gluttony.

I don’t, and I refuse too, because I am celebrating my life, with the people I love, and sometimes, my dad does not get that same liberty.

Sometimes, he can’t eat solid food.

He can’t, unless we wants to go to the hospital and have them help the food through his body. His price for life; that sometimes, he needs to go on a liquid diet, so that he isn’t doubled over in pain, hospitalized. So he sits with his wife of 36 years, his daughter, her partner and the children, and he watches us eat a feast. His price, no steak, no potatoes, no salad, no buns, and no corn. Nothing.

I will not feel guilt over being able to eat, I will enjoy my favourite foods, I will indulge, and I will let my children do the same. Food will not become a chore for me, because one day I might not be able to have that piece of pizza, or that yummy cake. My choice might be taken away.

Food = Life

And there is no shame in Life, and wanting to live, and wanting to celebrate it. Another great article on having no choice is by Mr. Ebert

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