Posted by: The Grrl In the Moon | August 18, 2009

Heard Seen Kids – Freya

“I know why they are call flip flops, because they go – flip flop flip flop flip flop – Right Mommy? But … sometimes they don’t” (This was said in about 30 sec.)

“Did you know mommy that you can use shamwow? It can dry clothes, gets water out of carpet, you can use it for anything mommy. All I can say is shamwow.” (Ah the educational tv programs Jane lets Freya watch when taking care of her.)

I’m not sure how savvy you are to the names of dance moves. However there is a move called Raising the Roof.
Freya “Raison’s on the Roof, Raison’s on the roof!”

Driving Freya to daycare, rush hour. “I know why it’s so busy mommy, it’s because people are visiting from other worlds. Just like we did.”

Where are your plastic eyeballs Grandma!?


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